• Business Gifting
  • Libanais Baklava

    Libanais Baklava

    Baklava, Vegan Baklava and Chocolate

  • Halawet El Jebn

    Halawet El Jebn

    Filled with Kachta

  • Katayef


    Filled with Kachta and garnished with pistachios

  • Kenafa Libanais

    Kenafa Libanais

    Lebanese Kenafa with Kaak

  • Business Gifting
  • Maamoul


    Filled with dates, walnuts or pistachios

  • Pita Crackers

    Pita Crackers

    Oregano, Greek oregano, garlic or sesame flavored

  • Katayef


  • Kenafa Nabulsieh

    Kenafa Nabulsieh

    Kachta or cheese

Libanais (pronounced Lee-Ba-Nay) is America's leading manufacturer, wholesaler, and retailer of Mediterranean Baklava and desserts

We raided the dictionary on the words that could best describe our baklava and desserts and we came back with: exquisite, divine, delectable, delicious, flavorsome, mouthwatering, tasty, scrumptious, and yummy.